Who wants to help Spanish companies succeed in the Netherlands?

Activados International offers several positions for (young) professionals who are eager to help foreign companies establishing and developing their business in the Netherlands. We are a small but growing company that offers accountancy, tax advice, salaries and HRM and business support services. The majority of our customers are Spanish and South American companies. We want to be the number one financial service provider for these companies in the Netherlands. 

Through language and knowledge of the Spanish business culture, we distinguish ourselves from other firms. Activados also characterizes by the personal relationship it maintains with its customers. We service a broad range of sectors like Hotels, IT, Agri & Food, Construction, Logistics and Technical Maintenance.

Activados wants to expand its team with a Business Support Officer, a Salary / HRM Specialist and an Assistant Accountant Three versatile positions with many personal growth opportunities. In all the positions good knowledge of the English language is required and Spanish is a big advantage. We expect from our employees to work independently, to enjoy dealing with international clients and to have an open minded, eager to learn mentality and the will to grow as a person.

Activados offers market-based employment conditions and takes into account the personal wishes of its employees (working hours, working from home, pro-activity). Please send your letter of application and CV to info@activados.nl. For more information you can call 0850205200.


Our foreign customers hire staff in the Netherlands or send foreign staff for projects. Activados advises on the field of legislation and regulations and the application of collective labour agreements, makes the employment contracts and sets up a payroll administration. Together with other specialists, you are responsible for the intake and implementation of new customers and all issues related to HRM and payroll administration.

Tasks you are working on are:
• Determining and intake customer issues HRM and Salaries.
• Apply collective labour agreements and calculate salaries.
• Drafting employment agreements.
• Prepare and send salaries monthly.
• Apply for 30% schemes for expats.
• Support on additional services as f.e. insurances.
• Legal advice on labour issues.
• Maintaining customer contacts.

The job requirements are:
• Experience with salaries and HRM issues, pay roll and or employment law.
• Experience in working with payroll software packages.
• A legal and/or HRM degree at least at a HBO level.
• Customer-oriented and researcher mentality.
• You are accurate, pro-active, communicative and flexible and you have numerical insight, a positive attitude and a strongly developed sense of responsibility and integrity.

Are you going to figure it out?
Assistant Accountant

The Assistant Accountant will be responsible, in the first place, for closing book keepings and drawing up annual accounts. You will work in a motivated team with a hands on mentality. We expect you to have a broad interest and the will to learn and take on different types of work in addition to accountancy. You like to maintain direct contact with your customers and are responsible for your own service package. 

The activities for which the Assistant Accountant is (partly) responsible:
• Assessing and closing administrations.
• Drafting or compiling (consolidated) annual accounts.
• Making OB and VPB declarations.
• Structuring administrative processes for accounting.
• Preparation of reports.
• Managing external service providers.

The job requirements are:
• At least 4 years of experience as an assistant accountant (in the Netherlands) and familiar with Dutch GAAP.
• Training in accountancy / administration at HBO level.
• Experience with accounting packages (preferably EXACT) and software programs to create annual accounts (Audition, Rapportage Gemak). Experience with implementation of this software is an advantage.
• Customer oriented.
• You are accurate, pro-active, communicative and flexible and you have numerical insight, a positive attitude and a strongly developed sense of responsibility and integrity.

Business Support Officer

The main responsibility of the Business Support Officer is the customer intake from start to finish. We help our customers to set up a legal a entity and/or to register in the Chamber of Commerce and then with various issues in their business operations in the Netherlands. Activados supports companies, for example, in arranging insurance, certificates, permits or procedures. You are responsible for tackling issues in these areas and executing them for clients. 

Your tasks include:
• Intake customer questions, information provision.
• Compliance and customer engagement.
• Briefing and contact with external service providers (including notaries and insurance advisors).
• Analysis of and solution to customer issues.
• Maintain customer contacts.

The job requirements are:
• Experience with business support and/or business development or as an office manager.
• A legal and/or business administration degree at least at a HBO level. Knowledge in the field of corporate law is an advantage.
• Customer-oriented and researcher mentality.
• Good knowledge of office support systems.
• You are accurate, pro-active, communicative and flexible you have a positive attitude and a strongly developed sense of responsibility and integrity.

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